About Us

We at Eggplant Prank, have a passion for pulling the most epic pranks. We love to see people's reactions when they receive something completely unexpected. That is why we strive to become the best prank by mail service on the internet.

The eggplant emoji is an international icon and arguably the most popular emoji on the internet. The internet has transformed how people communicate, and how people view eggplants. Now, not only are eggplants delicious vegetables, it is also perceived to be awkwardly sexual. People used to write letters or messages on postcards for their friends and loved ones. We are innovative thinkers and see things differently, borderline crazy. We thought to ourselves, "how crazy and funny would it be if someone gets a random eggplant with a message in the mail?". Not a text with an eggplant emoji, but with a REAL eggplant, with a REAL hand-written message. With this crazy idea, Eggplant Prank was born.

Eggplant Prank is a prank by mail service where you can send someone, anyone a personalized message on an eggplant in the mail. We will even add a hand drawn emoji of your choosing. This is a gag gift/prank and we advise our recipients to not consume the eggplant. This can be shipped anywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail and is 100% ANONYMOUS. So send your friends and loved ones a heartfelt message today using Eggplant prank! This is the perfect prank gift, that keeps on giving!

Why send an eggplant to someone in the mail? Because sending a card is so boring! A message on an eggplant will be memorable and hilarious!

Send an eggplant:
- to someone who shares a sense of humor.
- to a friend you want to prank.
- to a crush you want to impress.
- to a loved one you want to put a smile on.
- to your enemies for a good laugh!

There are endless possibilities, you can write anything on an eggplant! Include a hand-drawn emoji to make the eggplant even more special. Just imagine the reaction on their face when they get this in the mail!

An eggplant in the mail can work for any occasion:
- Birthdays
- Any holiday (Christmas, Hannukah, Halloween, Valentine's Day, New Years)
- Anniversaries
- Congratulations on a new born, new job, engagement, wedding, anything!