6 Hilarious Firehouse Pranks to Pull on the Probie

Every new firefighter has to go through some form of hazing and pranks pulled on them. Endurance is the key. Here are some fun ways to mess with the new firefighter in the house.

firefighter probie rookie

1. The Bunk Bed Trick
You can use this when the probie is out on service at night and is going to come home late. Place an empty soda can under each leg of their bed. When they come back to sit or sleep on it, it will collapse, scaring them shitless! Sometimes it would take more time to crash down which is better because is gives the probie a false sense of security!

2. The Morning White Face
Spread a thin layer of flour on the probie's pillow before bedtime and he will wake up looking like a geisha!

3. K-12 Jumpstart
Perfect for the probies that are mechanically challenged. You tell them "What do you do if your K-12 won't start but you know there is plenty of fuel?". Then you can explain you can pop the clutch by:
- Holding the K-12 up
- Putting the blade on the ground
- Running really fast to get the blade spinning so it will fire up

- firedan525!

4. The Flush
"When I was a rookie, my lieutenant told me to flush a hydrant, one of many we were checking that day, so I proceeded to do just that. Funny thing was, it was a yard decoration. Imagine my surprise when the owner came out of her house laughing."

- Cindie Schooner

5. The Basic
"Tell a rookie to put a cellar nozzle on a hydrant and charge it!"

- Nick Germann

7. Send them an eggplant
Use EggplantPrank to send them an anonymous eggplant. They will have no idea!