Italian Court Acquits Man Of Stealing An Eggplant 9 Years Ago.

An Italian man was acquitted of stealing an eggplant after a nearly decade-long legal battle. According to AFP News, the unidentified man, 49, was seen holding a lone eggplant and was arrested by cops in 2009, near the southern city of Lecce, Italy. He told police that he is unemployed and needed to feed his child, but they were not swayed by this. This led to the man being hit with a five-month prison sentence with a $620 fine. Soon after he appealed this sentence, and it was reduced to two-months in jail with a $150 fine.

The defendant's lawyers decided to press forward with the case and it eventually made its way to Italy's Supreme Court of Cassation. It was there where people were completely baffled at how this case even made it this far. The Supreme Court ruled and noted, the man was "definitely acting to satisfy the hunger of his family...there are grounds for justification." Italy's La Repubblica Newspaper reported. The man was finally acquitted after a 9 year legal battle that cost taxpayers nearly $10,000! Could you believe that?! Totally bizarre!

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