9 Most Epic Senior Pranks Of The Century

It is the last year of school and you want to pull off the most epic prank known to your school's history. Leave your mark with some of these crazy ideas. Plan carefully and don't forget to record the fun!

1. Bouncy Ball Galore
Purchase hundreds of bouncy balls and release them throughout the hallways. Also super fun to go to the top floor of your stairway and let them out. A cheaper alternative could be ping pong balls. Make sure to record it! 

2. Alarm Clock Flash Mob
Get enough people to synchronize their alarm clocks for them to go off at the same time. The teachers will be so confused lol! Props if you can pull this off with the whole school!

3. Locked Out
Superglue your school's front door/gate locks. This will cause quite the scene the next morning. LMAO

4. Fight Club 
Gather a bunch of 30 friends in the cafeteria and form a circle screaming "Fight, fight fight". Have 2 people in the center playing thumb-wars or something stupid. Laugh at the teacher's reaction when they try to stop the "fight".

5. BOOKS Overload! 
This one requires you get gather as many friends as possible, the more the better! Get everyone to check out the maximum amount of books allowed at the school library (Usually 5). Have everyone return them around the same time. Totally harmless and hilarious to watch the librarian and workers freak out.

6. Mysterious Screws
"We took screwdrivers with us to school and randomly unscrewed things over the course of months — non-essential screws so that whatever we were removing screws from was still left intact. A bucket of screws was later delivered to the principal with no context." - masterCAKE

7. School for SALE?
"We listed our school on Craigslist and our principal got calls all day for the property." - metsfan2018

8. Mariachi Band Fun
Hire a mariachi band to follow your principle for a whole day. LOL this is awesome!

9. Eggplant Prank?
Send your principle or teacher an eggplant using!