7 Funny Gag Gifts That Will Make Your Friends LOL!

Gag gifts are great for any occasion to help lighten the mood and to put smiles on people's faces. Some may be really creative, or oddly useful, or straight up useless.Whichever it may be, these low cost gag items will definitely make you LOL. Below are 10 gag gifts ideas that will make your friends' day:


1. Gift Of Nothing

Gift of nothing

Ever asked someone you know what they wanted for their birthday and their reply is simply nothing? Well, now you can! You can send the gift of nothing. Watch your friends stare at this gift with shock and amusement at the same time. They will be thankful that you got them nothing!


2. Giant Fist Can Holder

Giant fist can holder

Do your friends enjoy a nice cold can of beer every now and then? Do they lift bro? If not, you can transform their look with this awesome giant fist can holder. You will be able to enjoy your drink while showing off your muscular hulk-like fist of steel!


3. Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Topper

Guzzle buddy wine bottle topper

For those classier individuals that prefers wine, there is a nice novelty gift to for them as well. Introducing the Guzzle Buddy wine glass topper, where you can remove the cork from a bottle of wine and place a convenient wine glass topper on top. Looks fancy, pleasantly enjoyable, and best of all a huge laugh from it!


4. Flair Hair Visor

Flair hair visor

Do you know a guy that is completely bald but has a passionate desire to be in a 90's boy band group? Now he can!...well, not quite but he can feel like he is! With the Flair Hair Visor. This fashionable visor comes complete with a full head of hair that will go perfectly with any look. Get yours today and feel like a superstar!


5. Eggplant Prank

Eggplant prank allows you to send a friend an eggplant in the mail with a personalized message on it. It can be funny or personal, or both. Why eggplant? might ask. With the help of the internet, the eggplant has become a vastly popular meme with many funny meanings; so why not? This gift is different and random, but surely one that will bring a smile to your face!


6. Toilet Mug

Toilet mug

Ever wonder what it would be like to drink out of a toilet? Well now you can, with the Toilet Mug. Specially designed to resemble the toilet, this item will give you all the satisfaction of feeling like you're drinking from the real thing! This will make a perfect item for your friends! Cause who wouldn't want to see their friends drink out of a toilet bowl....not literally, that's just disgusting.


7. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Crazy cat lady action figure

Toys make awesome gifts. Especially if the toy matches the personality of the person you're gifting to. The Crazy Cat Lady action figure is a hilarious gag gift for those people that loves their cats...a little too much. We all know a crazy cat lady, they are everywhere. What would make it better gift than this? Nothing, but this toy. They deserve this gift that shows them who they are!


Gag gifts are created to make people laugh, and that is what is so wonderful about them. Hope this list helps you decide on what gag item to gift your friends. I'm sure the few I've selected will be sure to make them LOL!