7 Funny and Bizarre Stress Balls To Calm You Down

Just got into a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Just got yelled at by your boss for something that wasn't your fault? Your favorite team didn't make the playoffs? Everyone gets stressed but no need to worry because the internet has hilarious stress balls for you. Keep them at your desk or drawer to relieve your stress at times of need.

1. Eggplant Stress Ball

eggplant stress ball

The hilarious guys at came up with genius idea of writing a message on a stress ball. This bizarre gift can be sent a a prank and a gift at the same time. Just imagine your friend's reaction when they get this in the mail. The Eggplant Squishy will provide your friend tears of joy and something to squeeze when they are stressed. Bring the notorious eggplant emoji with this fun desk toy!

2. The Boob Stress Ball

boob stress ball

Get this one for your perverted friend who has no shame at all. This fake breast boob stress ball not only looks like the real thing, but feels like it too! Your co-workers will get a good laugh out of this one!

3. The Eye-Popping Frog Stress Ball

frog stress ball

This funky frog is the perfect gift for any animal or reptile lover. The eyes popping out when it is squeezed provides some humor as well. It is nice and easy to grip around your hands and has an eye catching neon green color.

4. Funky Face Stress Ballsfunny face stress ball

This funky face stress ball can act as a voodoo doll too! Just imagine the person who annoys you the most as you wrap your fingers on this baby. Don't worry, the face won't lose the evil grin no matter how much you squeeze it!

5. Poop Emoji Stress Balls

funny poop stress ball

The eggplant emoji isn't the only emoji on this list, here come the poop emojis! These poops will come into aid when you are stressed. Don't worry, they don't smell!

6. Hungry Shark Stress Reliever

funny shark stress ball

Get this funky shark stress reliever for the friend who is obsessed with sea creatures. They can even take a bubbly bath with it! When you squeeze the shark, the leg moves out of the mouth!

7. Sumo Wrestler Squishy

sumo wrestler fat stress ball

As if his belly isn't squishy enough... someone had to make a stress ball out of him! He is a gentle giant and won't harm you at all. The sumo wrestler is in his squat pose and ready to be attacked by your fingers! Be careful, he is quite ticklish!