7 Most Commonly Used Emojis

Emojis has changed the way people communicate. People now are able to express their emotions just with a click of a button. There are hundreds and hundreds of different emojis created that illustrates our lives, which ones are used most often? People tracked and compiled data from social media online, and this is what they found. Here are today's top 7 most commonly used emojis of 2017:

#7: Smiling face with smiling eyes

smiley emoji

Your friends and family usually have nice things to say on social media so you see why this gets #7 on the list. All love and smiles, nothing negative please!


#6: Party popper

party emoji


Social media is the place to make announcements for all your special moments and occasions. A birthday? Wedding? Promotion? Vacation? Whatever it may be, this emoji is most useful to express how much enjoyment life can bring!


#5: Smiling face with sunglasses

sunglasses cool emoji

When you're living and enjoying life, you will do some amazingly cool things that you would like to share. This is one emoji that you will surely use to express just that. It does not get any cooler or more stylish than this!


#4: Grinning face

smile emoji

When you're excited and happy for one another, a smiley face does not always do the trick to completely capture all your emotions. The grinning face is the perfect emoji to send to convey that extra feeling of joy!


#3: Red heart

heart emoji

There should be no surprise that this emoji made it to the #3 spot of most used emojis. The red heart is the universal symbol for love, and people love to express their love for one another. Spread the love!


#2: Smiling face with heart eyes

This is multi-use emoji that can be used many different ways. This is probably why this emoji earned the #2 spot. Love someone or something? This is the emoji for you! Feeling a little flirty and want to get your feelings across? This is also the emoji for you! Heart eyes do not disappoint!


#1: Face with tears of joy

tears of joy emoji

This is most commonly used emoji on the internet! People love to laugh and this emoji captures laughter perfectly. With all the funny videos and memes that gets spread around through websites and social media, it is no surprise why this emoji earned the top #1 spot on this list!


Top Trending Emoji

eggplant emoji

The Eggplant Emoji is catching up in a hurry to become the #1 used Emoji in the world! We all know what it represents and it is always fun to use. It recently got added as an official entry on! Everyone is crazy about the eggplant, you can even send one through mail to prank your friends at