5 Hilarious Pranks You Can Pull With Just A Sharpie!

When people think pranks, most strive to pull off the most elaborate and extravagantly impressive prank that they can think of. Pulling off the most epic prank can be very expressive. Instead why not pull off pranks using common everyday household items, for instance a Sharpie! You can still pull off amazing pranks without spending any money to do so. You would be surprised what just a Sharpie can do! Here are a compiled list of five hilariously funny pranks you can do on your friends and family with just a Sharpie:


1. Drawing Dicks

Drawing dicks

Whether you were guilty of this act or was a victim of it, everyone has been exposed to this prank in some way. This notorious prank is commonly done at schools around the country. Kids love pulling this off on their peers. You simply grab a pencil or Sharpie (for extra definition and extra laughs), and just draw dicks on a friend or coworker's notebook/paperwork. Regardless of what age you are, this prank sure to impress and the look on peoples' face are priceless. Do this to a friend in class or to a coworker during a meeting, and get a big kick out of it!


2. Fake Tattoos

Fake tattoo

Tattoos are very mainstream in this today's society, but is still very taboo to the older conservative generations. This next prank works best on parents and grandparents, this will drive them nuts! You may do it to friends as well, but don't expect a big reaction. Use a Sharpie and draw a fake tattoo anywhere on your body. The more artistic, the more convincing it will be! Fine point Sharpies are perfect for this, the strokes will seem legit and the ink will not smudge. It would look just like the real thing. Wave the fake tattoo in front of your parents and watch them go completely crazy!


3. Eggplant In The Mail

Eggplant Prank  is an awesome Prank By Mail service where you can anonymously send anyone an eggplant with a personalized message. Because of the internet, rise of emojis and memes, the eggplant has became this symbol of multiple meanings. It has became more than just an eggplant. It can be passive-aggressive, or intimate, or just 100% random and funny. This is a harmless prank that is sure to bring a lot of joy and laughter to whomever gets it in the mail!


4. Fake Knife

Fake knife

This is common prank that are usually play among friends and family. You can use a Sharpie as a fake knife! This only works when your fake weapon of choice is not exposed. You would have to sneak up behind your prey, drawing the Sharpie on their backs as if this is a pretend robbery. This simple prank always delivers a big reaction and it is funny to watch! Being that this is pretend role-playing with a fake weapon, don't do this with strangers in risk of escalating to violence. Only do this to people with friends and family that you know are 100% okay with this sort of play.


5. Face Doodles

Face doodles

This is probably the most epic prank that anyone can pull with a Sharpie, and possibly the most common. This is 100% harmless and always hilarious (except for the prank victim of course)! Whether you spot someone passed out during a party or quietly sleeping on their bed, you can grab a Sharpie and doodle away on their face and arms. The victims are never aware of it, which makes it that much funnier. They've turned into a walking canvas and everyone that sees them will die from laughter. Eventually they will realize this, but only after everyone has have their laugh.


Pranks don't need to be too over the top, they can be simple and still deliver a laugh to everyone. Try these simple pranks on your friends and family using just a Sharpie and see how they react!