10 Office Pranks That Won't Get You Fired (Fingers Crossed)

Want to lighten up the dry environment in your office? Need some creative ideas to prank your new co-worker? Here are 10 off pranks that could make your office a better place.

1. Gift wrap everything on your co-worker's desk. Mouse, keyboard, monitor, files, everything!!! The more obnoxious the gift wrap, the better. Just imagine them spending 2 hours of their day to unwrap everything. LOL

office gift wrap prank

    2. Fill their whole office with balloons. This works best if your co-worker has their own office. Perhaps if you want to risk it on your boss... hehe. 

    office balloon prank

    3. Sound the horns! This perfect little trick is very versatile. It can work behind a door or under a seat. 

    air horn prank

    4. Change their mouse speed to the slowest setting. Simple but effective... takes 30 seconds to set up and super frustrating for someone who isn't tech savvy.

    office slow mouse prank

    5. Another mouse tricky.. this one even more evil! Cover the bottom of the mouse with a paper AND unplug the mouse cord. They will "fix" one of the issues and think they've figured it out... but only to face failure and disappointment LMAO.

    mouse prank in the office

    6. Send an eggplant in the mail. Send an anonymous eggplant to a co-worker. Imagine their face when they open the package. HAHAHeggplant in the mail

    7. Put a cake in the office fridge saying "Happy Birthday Name of coworker" and watch as people wish them happy birthday to a confused co-worker.

    birthday cake prank

    8. The pen glitter bomb. Hollow out their pens and fill it with glitter. Glue the cap back on and wait at your desk with a smirk.

    glitter bomb prank

    9.Put a sign on the printer or coffee maker, saying it is now VOICE ACTIVATED.. sit back and listen to people yell out "print" or "on".

    printer voice activated prank

    10. Photocopy a paperclip and put the copies back randomly in the copy machine tray. Watch in amusement as people try to figure out why are there paperclips on random copies! 

    office printer prank


    WARNING: Use these pranks at your own risk. We are not responsible for you getting fired! =P